Ford Vehicle Order Tracking

Track Your Vehicle

1. Get your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Order Number from your selling Ford Dealer. The VIN will be available after your vehicle is scheduled for production.  Vehicle tracking will work once the VIN and Order Number are created.

2. Enter the information - Note: The letters I, O and Q are not included in a VIN to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 (One) and 0 (Zero).

3. Click Accept & Track


Terms and Conditions

The Ford Vehicle Order Tracking System is intended for use only by Ford customers tracking their current vehicle orders. Use of this Ford Motor Company ​Private Tracking System is not permitted for any other purpose including, but not limited to data aggregation, publication, reverse engineering or any commercial purpose. Usage may be monitored. Unauthorized access or use may result in criminal and/ or civil prosecution.

By selecting “Accept & Track”, I have read and agree to ​the Terms and Conditions.